Un garçon pas comme les autres (Bayes)

Design is my passion: sparse matrices part four

Just some harmeless notes. Like the ones Judy Dench took in that movie.

Sparse matrices part 3: Failing at JAX

_Takes a long drag on cigarette._ JAX? Where was he when I had my cancer?

An invitation to a sparse Cholesky factorisation

Come for the details, stay for the shitty Python, leave with disappointment. Not unlike the experience of dating me.

The linear algebra of linear mixed effects models and their generalisations

Hubris. Just hubris. But before the fall comes the statement of purpose. This is that statement.

Barry Gibb came fourth in a Barry Gibb look alike contest (Repost)

A repost from Andrew's blog about comparing computational methods for performing a task. (Lightly edited.) Original posted 20 October, 2017.

Why won't you cheat with me? (Repost)

A repost from Andrew's blog about how design information infects multivariate priors. (Lightly edited. Well, a bit more than lightly because the last version didn't fully make sense. But whatever. Blogs, eh.) Original posted 5 November, 2017.

The king must die (repost)

A repost (with edits, revisions, and footnotes) from Andrew's blog about how much I hate the Bayesian Lasso. Originally published 2nd November, 2017.

Getting into the subspace; or what happens when you approximate a Gaussian process

Fuck man, I don't know about this one. A lot of stuff happens. At some point there's a lot of PDEs. There are proofs. Back away.

Yes but what is a Gaussian process? or, Once, twice, three times a definition; or A descent into madness

Gaussian processes. As narrated by an increasingly deranged man during a day of torrential rain.

Priors: Fire With Fire (Track 3)

Objective priors? In finite dimensions? A confidence trick? Yes.

Priors: Whole New Way (Track 2)

Conjugate Priors? The crystal deoderant of Bayesian statistics

$(n-1)$-sane in the membrane

Windmills? Tilted. Topic? Boring. (n-1)? No.

Priors: Night work (Track 1)

Priors? Defined. Questions? Outlined. Purpose? Declared.

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Un garçon pas comme les autres (Bayes)